The beicommunity

There is no community without the people in it.

The word ‘community’ is derived from Old French’s comuneté and Latin’s communis, which means ‘shared by all or many’ or ‘shared in common’

To us, that means that the knowledge, information and expertise we hold within us are not exclusive. Our stories and experiences are to be shared with the world, to be shared with each other.

We’d love to highlight some of the individuals within our community, to celebrate the diversity and the multiplicity of beicommunity.

The bei Enablers are multi-talented inspirations from all walks of life, from fitness to architecture to artistic creations. They are passionate in their pursuit of mastering their craft, and they are even more passionate in sharing their stories with us.

The bei Creators form the team behind beicommunity. We dream, plan and create all that you see that is this community, from our online presence to our IRL events and programs.

The bei Ambassadors are the heart and soul of beicommunity – you! You are the ones that will share the stories and experiences from being a part of this community. Without you, there would be no community, literally (: