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Gain Vitamin D Even Without Sunlight? 在家补充维生素D

由于最近的新型冠状病毒,许多市民都会留在家中以减低受感染的风险。因阳光照射不足,有很多人担心会影响维他命D的吸收。 Due to the recent novel coronavirus outbreak, many people have stayed home most of the time to prevent the infection. Some people have expressed their concerns about reduced exposure to the sunlight, affecting their absorption of vitamin D. 维他命D对骨骼和关节健康十分重要,而维生素D缺乏症可导致骨质疏松症并会增加患骨关节炎的机会。虽然晒太阳是我们体内维他命D的主要来源,但有些食物亦含有维他命D,例如油脂较高的鱼(例如三文鱼、吞拿鱼)、鸡蛋、食物标签注明加入维生素D的奶制品(例如牛奶、芝士)和早餐谷物等。 Vitamin D is important to bone and joint health. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to …

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Kathy Mak

Conquering Fear with Humor 香港才女用幽默战胜恐惧

前不久一个酒吧里的小视频在朋友圈里流传,一首改编的Torn用诙谐的歌词唱出了大家对疫情的恐惧,却也用温暖和幽默让人感到振奋。 A Hong Kong singer’s parody of Natalie Imbruglia’s song Torn has gone viral as the humorous writing that calls for levity and solidarity in a time shadowed by fear due to the outbreak of NCP.  beicommunity找到了这位来自香港的才女Kathy Mak,并帮助她把这首歌词翻译成了中文,希望更多的人可以听到,也能在一片严肃和紧张里找到久违的轻松。 beicommunity reached out to Kathy Mak, the singer and performer from Hong Kong, and helped translate the English …

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