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Take Care of Your Children Through Difficult Times 特殊时期守护孩子的心理健康

In view of the recent epidemic, parents can make some adjustments in their parenting during these difficult times and take advantage of the situation in a more positive way. Life has ups and downs; there are always positive things, which comes from a difficult situation that we need to take advantage of it. As everyone knows with a busy life in Beijing and other parts of China many parents especially dads do not have enough time to spend time with their children. Children mainly need their parent’s attention; time, love and nothing can substitute that. As many parents need to stay home more to avoid the epidemic and as I heard schools might stop temporarily it is the best time to take advantage and spend quality time at home doing different activities with your children. This will mean a lot to them and will make your kids even happier.

鉴于最近的流行病,我想通过这篇文章,帮助父母在这段艰难的时期调整自己的育儿方式,并以更积极的方式应对,使局势化弊为利。生活有起有落,无论在多么困难的境况下,也总会有一些积极的事情,我们需要利用它。众所周知,北京以及许多中国大城市生活节奏快,许多父母特别是爸爸没有足够的时间陪伴孩子。但正如我一直强调的那样,孩子需要来自父母的关注、时间、爱,别人不能代替。现在,由于许多父母也需要更多地呆在家里以避免流行病,而且学校也都停课了,所以这是父母们和孩子互动的最佳时期! 利用这个时间在家与孩子做各种活动,这对他们的心理健康意义重大,并使您的孩子更加自信与幸福。

child, tower, building blocks

Children don’t have psychological protection, which adults have, and they cannot express themselves as adults do. Besides, they get easily misunderstood and emotionally hurt much deeper. Therefore, children need more help and understanding from their parents during this time to let them go through this crisis smoothly. This will reduce their chance of developing anxiety, depression, PTSD and other emotional problems in the future.  


There are many things parents can do with their children at home to help children feel happy as they are stuck at home for a time being.

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1-   Parents can have weekly meetings with their children, each discussing their life affair, stress, happy things, how everyday they accomplished something even very small as doing house chores. This will teach children a sense of responsibility, help them become more emotionally close to their parents and family. This activity also allows children to express their feeling and release their fears.


2-    Parents are the most important teachers of their children. Teach your kids correct ways of washing hands, hygiene, using a mask when needed, the reason for using it, how nutrition helps their health, simple science and more.


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3-   Family can have a reading session, each chooses their favorite book at home read and discusses what they learned at the end of the session. Parents can also help children with their schoolwork, as they will miss some lessons during schools being closed indefinitely.


4- On a good sunny day, if all possible take your child to a park away from the crowd due to this epidemic and teach them about trees, birds, flowers, nature and have QA with your children about these topics. This activity will raise their curiosity and they can learn first hand about the nature and environment they are living in. Of course, make sure take all the precautions when leaving home.

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5-   You can simply speak of reasons for school closing and basic rules of hygiene and staying healthy.

6-   Children have difficulty to express themselves verbally. Have a family group art & drawing session in your schedule where everyone draws their favorite things and in the end everyone talk about their drawings and feelings. This gives the child and each family member a chance to share their feelings and release stress.


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7-    Make family group exercises a daily habit. This will make children release some pressure and all family become physically stronger and happier. Exercise can help produce happy hormones in a person’s brain.

If your children despite all you can do show signs of anxiety, depression,or PTSD in the future which could be associated with trauma or being in a stressful situation, get them psychological help to overcome their emotional difficulties.


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Good luck, Dr. Mike Mehrvarz

祝大家一切顺利!中国加油!– 麦丰华

Dr. Mike Mehrvarz

Dr. Mehrvarz is a bilingual Chinese licensed Child and Adult psychologist. He has been practicing in Beijing for over 20 years at IMC. He is familiar with Chinese culture and speaks fluent Mandarin. He has extensive experience in assessment and treatment of children with learning disorders, Dyslexia, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, Autism spectrum disorders, Asperger, ADD, ADHD, developmental disorders, Tourette syndrome, Substance abuse, Down syndrome, OCD, PTSD, and psychological issues with expat, overseas and Chinese children.

Dr. Mehrvarz is also specialized in treating adults with depression, anxiety, panic attack, PTSD, OCD, Couple or family conflicts, pre & postnatal depression and other emotional problems.

Dr. Mehrvarz is a member of the International Council of Psychologist; Anxiety Disorders Association of America; American Society for Personality Assessment; Beijing Autistic Children Rehabilitation Association; the Chinese Sexology Association and the Chinese Association for Psychological Intervention.

麦丰华博士来自美国,是一位双语的儿童及成人心理学家,拥有中国行医执照。麦博士在美国获得心理学硕士和博士学位之后,又继续完成了行为医学、疼痛治疗和神经心理学的博士后训练。麦博士在评估与治疗海内外儿童的学习困难、读写障碍、焦虑、抑郁、饮食困难、自闭症谱系疾病、多动症、发育障碍、抽动症、强迫症、创伤后应激障碍等方面拥有丰富的经验。麦博士是北京自闭症儿童康复协会、中国性学会、中国心理干预协会等组织的成员, 迄今已在北京国际医疗中心服务20余年。

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