Kathy Mak

Conquering Fear with Humor 香港才女用幽默战胜恐惧


A Hong Kong singer’s parody of Natalie Imbruglia’s song Torn has gone viral as the humorous writing that calls for levity and solidarity in a time shadowed by fear due to the outbreak of NCP. 

beicommunity找到了这位来自香港的才女Kathy Mak,并帮助她把这首歌词翻译成了中文,希望更多的人可以听到,也能在一片严肃和紧张里找到久违的轻松。

beicommunity reached out to Kathy Mak, the singer and performer from Hong Kong, and helped translate the English lyrics into Chinese. We hope to share the warmth and strength conveyed in Kathy’s performance with all of you.


We asked her what inspired this song, Kathy said: I prepared this performance for a fundraiser for the Australian bush fires. While choosing a song, I wanted something light because we’re going through a tough time in the city. My friends have liked parodies I have done in the past, so I thought it would be a great way to cheer people up and laugh a bit at the situation we’re all going through. The inspiration for the lyrics came from the news and some personal observations when I do go out, and lots of conversations with people around me.


Working as a performer and a digital marketer, Kathy can be spotted singing, acting and dancing in various theatre productions and events around Hong Kong. Her experience choreographing and performing extends from musical to theatrical arts, from Hong Kong to New Zealand.

“我知道很多城市都在经历着同样的考验,尽管不全是和厕纸断货有关” Kathy笑言,“除了注意卫生,保持身体的健康外,我们也一定不要忘了情绪健康的重要。希望我们可以很快打败疫情,赢得胜利,重新开始享受生活。”

‘I know that many cities are going through a worrisome time right now, even if it’s not in the form of a toilet paper shortage,’ said Kathy, ‘Other than being diligent with our hygiene and taking care of our physical health, we need to remember to take care of our emotional state too! I hope we will win this fight against the virus very soon and go back to enjoying life again.’



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