Kathy Mak

Conquering Fear with Humor 香港才女用幽默战胜恐惧

前不久一个酒吧里的小视频在朋友圈里流传,一首改编的Torn用诙谐的歌词唱出了大家对疫情的恐惧,却也用温暖和幽默让人感到振奋。 A Hong Kong singer’s parody of Natalie Imbruglia’s song Torn has gone viral as the humorous writing that calls for levity and solidarity in a time shadowed by fear due to the outbreak of NCP.  beicommunity找到了这位来自香港的才女Kathy Mak,并帮助她把这首歌词翻译成了中文,希望更多的人可以听到,也能在一片严肃和紧张里找到久违的轻松。 beicommunity reached out to Kathy Mak, the singer and performer from Hong Kong, and helped translate the English …

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