From the BEI Hotels in Beijing to San Francisco and beyond, beicommunity transforms the ‘hotels’  into spaces where anyone can stay, work, and play.

Here’s our story:

Our Mission: Gathering people to bring joy, discover strength, and create meaning. Now let's backtrack a bit... We started thinking about what we kind of change we wanted to see in our world. And in a world filled with anxiety and stress, constant movement, and rampant hopelessness and depression, we wanted to make people's lives better.
Bring Joy Discover Strength Create Meaning Joy gives us permission to love where we are, what we are doing, and who we are with, Joy is not circumstantial nor is it based in denial. Joy is the ingredient that we should remember to bring into our day-to-day lives. Strength, to us, is about both mental and physical resilience. Strength is the blend of inner peace and a healthy lifestyle that we need to thrive in this modern world. If you think we're going to answer the meaning of life, we're not even going to attempt that question! But perhaps, we can remind you of the things that keep you looking forward towards the future. Most importantly, we do all of the above WITH EACH OTHER!
Our mission is no small dream, so we needed something to anchor us as we make each step of progress. Therefore, in all that we do, we follow... The bei Acronym! History Art Heritage Architecture Technology Health & Wellness Education Real Estate And then with our current BEI Hotels in mind, we dare to imagine and create opportunities to build beicommunity, from art exhibitions, to corporate wellness programs, to educational talks, to grand multimedia projections, to trying out new interactive technology... to all the future events and programs to come! The sky's the limit! (But if the sky's the limit, there's always the moon!)

You can check out our programs and our people through these buttons here.

And we’ll leave you with this question:

If beicommunity is beneficial for both Beijing and San Francisco, why not the rest of the world? (: