Our founder begun to imagine the answer to this question:
“What would a better life look like?”

And thus, beicommunity was created.

beicommunity is a network of businesses, companies, technology platforms, thought- leaders, creatives, experts, educators, professionals – all committed to the same goal:

to do life better, together

All our consultancy and management services are guided with this acronym in mind:

The ‘bei’ in our name represents the Chinese word for ‘north’.

And if north is the equilibrium point for all compasses, then it must be a good direction to head towards and upwards!

Therefore, together with our community partners, ranging from those who are under the BEI brand to other partners who are aligned with our goals, we attract members who want to head towards our true north, our LIGHT.

Using HAHATHERE to attract our LIGHT, beicommunity currently has hubs in Beijing, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Toronto (and more!).

While all these cities are cosmopolitan and international, filled with real estate opportunities and business-minded professionals, each city is individually unique. 

Therefore, we tailor our consultancy and management services to each of these local hubs’ needs. 


The range of services that we offer our LIGHT are the following (but are not limited to…):

  • A food experience hub in BEI Zhaolong that combines entertainment, dining, retail and education, in close collaboration with CAAB Italy.
  • A bespoke health & wellness app
  • BEI Breakfasts in BEI San Francisco, a weekly panel discussion centered around thought leadership and personal wellbeing
  • A dining space in the heart of Hong Kong dedicated to a memorable experience that combines mental health awareness and healthy foods, in development with Secret Tours HK.
  • Unique content on all our social platforms
  • Individualized services tailored to corporations, such as: stress workshops, comprehensive health check-ups, beicommunity discounts, networking events…

And more, coming soon!